The French Studies concentration is a wonderful way for students to achieve a well-rounded education regarding literature, culture, language.  Our courses are diverse but grounded in a tradition that allows students to feel they are studying contemporary topics but also canonic issues.

Feel free to download and start using our checklist.  Your French advisor will keep a copy on record.

Students are strongly advised to consult with Daniel Maroun, Director of Undergraduate Studies, before enrolling for courses at the 200-level and above.



Prerequisite Course:

  • FR 207: Writing and Grammar Workshop 

Introductory Courses:

  • FR 211: Introduction to Literary Studies 
  • FR 212: Introduction to Cultural Analysis 

Language Courses:

  • FR 205: Oral French 
  • FR 213: French Phonetics 
  • FR 314: Advanced Grammar in Context 

Culture Courses 

Select two of the following:

  • FR 335: French Cultural History to 1789 
  • FR 336: French Cultural History 1789-1968 
  • FR 337: Contemporary France 

Literature Courses

  • Two courses at the 300- or 400- level in French and /or Francophone literature.


  • Three courses at the 300- or 400- level.

Medieval and Early Modern Period course

  • Students must take one course focused on the medieval/early modern period. Students may choose from FR 335 or FR 301. This course can be used to fulfill the Culture or Literature Courses requirement.