A French minor is an outstanding opportunity for students to pursue their passion and interest in French and Francophone literatures, culture, and linguistics while developing a strong competency in the language that keeps them at the cutting edge of employment opportunities.

Eiffel, Minor

Use your French Minor Checklist to get you eagerly enrolled in this pathway and help you map out what classes you will take when.  


French minor requirements:

Prerequisite course:

  • FR 207: Writing and Grammar Workshop

Introductory courses:

  • FR 211: Introduction to Literary Studies 
  • FR 212: Introduction to Cultural Analysis 

Language (select one)

  • FR 205: Oral French
  • FR 213: French Phonetics

Culture (select one):

  • FR 335: French Cultural History to 1789
  • FR 336: French Cultural History 1789-1968
  • FR 337: Contemporary France


  • Two courses at the 300 or 400 level with FR rubric.