A student who wants to do a degree with distinction must have a 3.45 GPA. The LAS requirements are in the Student Handbook and a student is urged to consult them. The Honors project is a year-long project, and a faculty member in French supervises the research. The student should register for 2 hours under the professor's number for FR 492 for the fall semester and again for the spring semester.


Illinois honors stock

During the first semester, the student will research his or her topic and consult with the advisor. In the second semester, the student will write up the research paper. An incomplete is given for the fall semester until the thesis is done, and then a grade and level of distinction is assigned. The paper must conform to the LAS honors specifications; it is usually about 30-40 pages long, including the bibliography, and it is read and evaluated by the director of research and a second reader. Please consult with the LAS Honors Office if you have more questions.