In an attempt to offer present and prospective French majors new employment perspectives in the world of business and industry, the Department of French and Italian, in cooperation with the Department of Business Administration has developed a program which combines a concentration in French with appropriate courses in a Business-related field (see side bar).


For further information regarding this program option, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Course Requirements

Prerequisite Course:

  • FR 207: Writing and Grammar Workshop (3)

Introductory Courses:

  • FR 211: Introduction to Literary Studies (3)
  • FR 212: Introduction to Cultural Analysis (3)

Language Courses 

  • FR 205: Oral French 
  • FR 213: French Phonetics 
  • FR 314: Advanced Grammar in Context 
  • FR 419: Techniques in Translation 

French Business Course:

  • FR 485: Commercial and Econ French I 

Electives (French) :

  • Four courses at the 300- or 400- level with FR rubric.

Cognate in Business-related field:

  • Five courses in appropriate cognate