Illinois Program in Paris

The Illinois Program in Paris has a long standing tradition of academic excellence and study abroad prestige.  The program, a semester or year-long, has a long, rich tradition of being a popular choice among students of French.  Majors and minors will find the course selections to fit directly into their curriculum while non-majors and minors will find that we have something to offer for them too.Vaux le Vicomte - IPP 2017

The Illinois Program in Paris is proud to partner with various Illinois departments to offer advanced courses in various fields. Students can therefore not only take courses in French, but also Economics, Political Science, History, and Global Studies.

At the Illinois Program in Paris, we believe in experiential learning: Paris is the canvas of your class.  Working with farms and NGOs, exploring urban landscapes and architecture, understanding healthcare and hospitals--all are opportunities for you to take non-traditional classes that help you become an educated global citizen.

Michel and Laetitia au FIE

Our director, Dr. Michel Bondurand, and assistant director, Laetitia Boisdron are in Paris to guide your experience and education.  Get excited because Paris is waiting.  Reach out to the Daniel N. Maroun if you have questions or feel free to stop by LAS International Programs during their drop-in hours 1-5PM M-F.