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Daniel Nabil Maroun

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Contact Information

2004 FLB

Office Hours

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Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Advisor for French


  • Sexuality, Race, & Citizenship
  • HIV/AIDS Literature and Cinema
  • Critical Masculinity Studies / Men's Studies
  • Queer North Africa
  • Translation studies/Translation theory
  • Discourse analysis 

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Research Interests

  • Critical Masculinity Studies / Men's Studies
  • Queer Maghreb
  • HIV/AIDS Literature and Cinema
  • Race, Sexuality, Citizenship
  • Translation studies/Translation theory
  • Discourse analysis 

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Research Description

My research is informed by intersection of gender and sexuality in Francophone communities primarily in North Africa and the Levant. I am interested in expression of sexual identity and citizenship and how individuals navigate these issues in relationship to society and familial structures.

A second, and equally as important axe of research interests, is in HIV/AIDS studies in France.  I investigate and chronicle France's literary and cultural response to HIV/AIDS from the late 80's through today, primarily how the depiction of masculinity has evolved in this literature over the last twenty-five years.  I recently co-edited a special issue on this topic with Contemporary French Civilization

Both of these research avenues are tied together by a concept of queer kinship that I hope to further develop soon.

Additionally, I am currently the Assistant Editor for Contemporary French Civilization an academic journal dedicated to studying all aspects of culture and civilization in the French and Francophone worlds as well as serving in the Steering Committee for the DDFC Collective.


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  • Ph.D. French, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Additional Campus Affiliations

  • Gender and Women's Studies 
  • Program in Translation and Interpretation

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