The Department of French Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid must approve admission to the specialization in French Linguistics at the doctoral level. Students applying to the Ph.D. program to specialize in French Linguistics must have an M.A. in French Linguistics or equivalent preparation. Courses taken in any area of Linguistics (preferably French) are a prerequisite, although specific details and equivalence of previous work will be evaluated on an individual basis. In their statement of purpose, students applying for the specialization are strongly encouraged to specify desired area(s) of focused research in French Linguistics. They are required to submit at least one written sample of previous work, in French or English, preferably on French Linguistics.

In consultation with the advisor, Ph.D. candidates in French Linguistics can select the Ph.D. Concentration in Romance Linguistics starting from their first year.



  • Three courses in French or Romance Linguistics beyond the requirements of the M.A.
  • Two courses in separate areas of linguistics offered by the Department of Linguistics, including but not limited to: Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Historical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Psycholinguistics. Courses taken at the M.A. level may be counted against this requirement with the approval of the adviser. Note: Ph.D. candidates in French Linguistics selecting the Concentration in Romance Linguistics are encouraged to select courses in their respective second Romance language to fulfill this requirement
  • Three courses offered by the Department of French at the 400- or 500-level in French and francophone culture, literature, and/or cinema which may be taken at Stage 1 (M.A. level) or Stage 2 (Ph.D. course work).
  • Advanced coursework in the candidate's area(s) of specialization might be taken after the Ph.D. preliminary examination. Close consultation with the thesis advisor is required.


As soon as possible after admission to Stage 2, the Ph.D. candidate will choose an advisor who will serve as the chair of the doctoral committee. The student may be directed by any of the affiliated faculty. The committee will consist of the chair and three other professors, with at least half the members being faculty in the Department of French. Individual members of the committee, three of whom must be Graduate faculty, will be chosen in consultation with the advisor. The candidate is strongly encouraged to consult regularly with committee members about the advancement of his/her project.

Further information for Preliminary Examination