Street sceneThe major in Italian at the University of Illinois offers students a comprehensive and interdisciplinary introduction to the study of Italy in a larger Mediterranean, European and global context, covering Italian language, history, culture, and literature. With professors, lecturers and a team of graduate students from the United States and Italy, all of whom are committed to undergraduate education, we are able to offer not simply a series of courses in Italian Studies, but a major and minor where students get to know the faculty and instructors personally. Study abroad is not required, but is typically a rewarding and significant part of the major in Italian Studies at Illinois.

Students majoring in Italian need to complete just ten courses beyond the basic language sequence. We welcome and encourage double majors. In addition to its other course offerings, the program specializes in three areas, both at an introductory level and for more advanced students: film and visual culture, literature, and cultural history. View more course requirement details..

The major in Italian Studies strongly emphasizes skills that are valuable for our student’s future careers, but also for their future as global citizens, and their life of the mind: extensive knowledge of a foreign language; strong written and verbal communication skills; cultural and cross-cultural knowledge and understanding; and critical thinking skills.

To declare a major in Italian or for further information, email Prof. Stoppino, the Italian Undergraduate Advisor.