Graduate Theses (Italian)

Current Thesis Projects

Alice Balestrino: "Undoing/Redoing the Self: Marrano Autobiographies in Times of Crisis" (Director of Research: Emmanuel Rota).

Soraya Cipolla: "Sapphic Monsters and Invisible Subjects: Exploring Femininity, Non-Normative Bodies, and Sexualities" (Director of Research: Emmanuel Rota).

Francesco Ferrari: "Nostalgic Positivism: Cesare Lombroso and the South Between ‘Poveri Trofei’ and Vestiges of the Past" (Director of research: Emanuel Rota). 


Recently Defended PhD Theses

Pierpaolo Spagnolo: "Relics and Artifacts: the Materiality of Holy Bodies in Italian Culture from 14th-Century Novella until Modern Film" (Director of research: Eleonora Stoppino). 2021

Jessica Sciubba: "Paradigms of Refuse: Waste, Abjection, and Rejection in Contemporary Italian Literature and cinema" (Director of research: Emanuel Rota). 2017

Corey Flack: “True Flesh: Measure, Pilgrimage and Perfecting the Human in Dante’s Commedia" (Director of research: Eleonora Stoppino). 2016