This year's incoming graduate students again come to us from a variety of places to study French and Italian literatures, cultures, linguistics, and language pedagogy. From left to right and top to bottom on this picture, meet:

Michele Prudence Djemwel Biscene (, M.A. Student in French Studies (B.A. Illinois State University). Her interests lie in French and Francophone literature and culture with a comparative interest in African studies and African diaspora.

David Folger (, Ph.D. Student French Studies (M.A. University of Arkansas), interested in French and francophone literature, works by queer writers, especially Fin-de-siècle decadent and symbolist authors and poets and their precursors.

Laura Lestani (, Ph.D. Student in Italian Studies and Art Historian (B.A. in Art from Trieste, Italy). She has a deep passion for exploring and sharing the captivating world of old master paintings and excited to support Italian language-learning by sharing her enthusiasm for art and history.

Jude Mensah (, Ph.D. Student in French Slate (M.A. Texas Tech University), focusing on computer- and mobile-assisted and -mediated language teaching and Machine Translation, such as Google Translate, Linguee.

Welcome to our programs, Michele, David, Laura, and Jude!