Associate Professor Felisa Reynolds, Assistant Professor Daniel Maroun, Ph.D. candidate Amanda Smith, and Alumna Anne Mutidjo (Ph.D. 2022, Lecturer at Ohio State University) participated in a joint panel at the bi-annual Diversity, Decolonization, and the French Curriculum (DDFC) conference on November 4, 2022. Their papers focused on themes, such as re-writing the literary canon, new tools for literary assessment and gender pedagogy, exoticism in language learning textbooks, and what is not yet but could/should be included in French language lessons.

The DDFC is a forum that aims to foster conversation about French & Francophone studies, with a focus on diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice, and to empower scholars and practitioners.

Congratulations to our faculty and current and former graduate students on agreat collaboration on such timely topics related to both their research and teaching.


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