Congratulations to Professor Eleonora Stoppino on her new book, entitled "Libri cavallereschi in prosa e in versi: Repertorio di incunaboli," published with Anna Maria Montanari at Interlinea Press, Italy, this summer.

The volume catalogues all chivalric incunables (books printed before 1501) published in Italy, tracing their bibliographic and scholarly history. The book contributes to the study of the complex epic universe that characterized Italian and European cultures, giving rise to the masterpieces of Boiardo, Pulci and Ariosto in the sixteenth century. Inspired by a "method [of] impartially inventorying and studying all the excavated material, layer by layer, scraps and jewels alike" (as Dionisotti wrote in Gli Umanisti e il volgare), the catalog includes texts belonging to the three main cycles of medieval epic (Carolingian, Arthurian and classical). The book, which brings together archival research and digital technologies, aims to be the ultimate resource on chivalric matter printed in Italy up to the year 1500.

Congratulations, Professor Stoppino!