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Diane Musumeci

Associate Professor Emerita

Recent Publications

Musumeci, Diane "History of Language Teaching". and Long, Michael H Doughty, Catherine J (ed.). The Handbook of Language Teaching. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2009, 42-62.

Musumeci, D. "Language Teaching Traditions: Second Language". Brown, Keith (editors). Encyclopedia of Language & Linguistics. 2 udg., Elsevier. 2006, 625-634.

Arvan, Lanny and Diane Musumeci. "Instructor Attitudes within the SCALE Efficiency Projects". Journal of Asynchronous Learning Network. 2000. 4(3).

Musumeci, Diane Breaking Tradition: An Exploration of the Historical Relationship Between Theory and Practice In Second Language Teaching McGraw-Hill. 1997.

Musumeci, Diane. "Teacher-learner negotiation in content-based instruction: Communication at cross-purposes?". Applied Linguistics. 1996, 17(3). 286-323.

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