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I am currently working primarily as a translator of contemporary French authors, seeking publishers for several books.


PhD Yale 1970-74

Awards and Honors

French Palmes Académiques: recognition by the French government

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Not teaching at this time

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Casanova enchanted clock Revue d'etudes proustiennes For Love of for MoneyMysterious Mozart

Book Contributions

  • "Le Père Goriot: Arrivisme and the Parisian Morality Tale." Cambridge Companion to Balzac. . Cambridge University Press, 2016.
  • " Autofiction et Altérité. Autofiction/Allofiction: L’Après-vivre." Autour de Serge Doubrovsky. . 2010.
  • "The Genetic Record of a Voice: Variants in Barthes’s Le Plaisir du texte." Genetic Criticism and the Creative Process: Essays from Music, Literature, and Theater. . 2009.
  • "Connecting Links: Beginnings and Endings." Narrative Beginnings: Theories and Practices. . 2009.

Journal Articles

  • "Stendhal the Sollersian: A Twenty-First Century Autoportrait." Dix-Neuf 19.1 (2015): 67-79.
  • "Fiction as Cover Story in Sollers’s La Fête à Venise." French Forum (2013): 189-203.
  • "The Invisible Punctuation of Sollers’s Paradis." MLN (2012): 924-41.
  • "Graphic Spaces: Veyron Illustrates Sollers." Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 15.3 (2011): 329-37.
  • "Autofiction as Allofiction: Doubrovsky’s L’Après-vivre." L'Esprit Créateur 49.3 (2009): 22-35.
  • "The Double History of César Birotteau." Lingua Romana 8.1 (2009):
  • "The Third Closet: Sollers’s War." Yale French Studies (2009): 169-82.
  • "Listening to Barthes with Millet: A Loving Overture." L’Esprit Créateur 47.2 (2007): 5-16.
  • "The Essay According to Sollers: A Personal and Parabolic Genre.." Romanic Review 97 (2006): 33-49.
  • "Paradis de Philippe Sollers: Une métaphysique de l’infini." La Règle du Jeu 26 (2004): 87-132.
  • "Sollers's le 'secret', espionage and autofiction." Esprit Createur 42.4 (2002): 35-44.
  • "The MRIs of sollers's fictions." Critique-Studies In Contemporary Fiction 43.4 (2002): 379-391.